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Mindful Monday #159 – Reboot

My cell phone camera stopped working this weekend. I didn’t know it stopped working, until I was at an event, that I looked forward to and wanted to document. The next morning, I… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #153 – Life is More about Letting Go

Letting go creates space for new people, opportunities and energy to come into your life.

Mindful Monday #144 – Is Change Positive?

While I embrace change and encourage you to embrace it too, is all change we encounter positive?

I’m Thankful for: Infinity

Life is working for you and it wants to be your teammate.

Tune Tuesday #24 -Starlight

“I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore?” That line is from the Muse song Starlight. I first heard that song when I was an intern at a local radio station in Arizona… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #95 – Forget What is Gone

My life has been a roller coaster. This year has been inconsistent and I haven’t had time  to fully digest my experiences. In my voice class yesterday, my practice started with a free… Continue reading

Break the Silence

“…part of being equal is speaking equally.”

The Moment Leads to Peace

“Last year at this time, I was crawling…”

Encounters with a Praying Mantis

I’m home sick and resting. 8 weeks of working 60 hours a week, on top of busy weekends to counteract work , has caught up to me. I’m really good at listening to… Continue reading

I’m Thankul for: Eyes to See

I’m writing this post at Starbucks. I worked till midnight last night and my call time for today is 10:30am. While I don’t care much for the 12 hour work day (even though… Continue reading

Breakeven pt. II

Two weeks ago I scratched the surface on break ups with Breakeven pt. I. Once a relationship ends it feels like there is a real or imagined imbalance between the parties involved e.g. one… Continue reading

Breakeven pt. I

When I first heard Breakeven by the script, I thought it was brilliant. To my knowledge it was the first song that addressed the unbalance of a breakup. “I’m still alive but I’m… Continue reading

The Happy Ending or Happy Beginning?

Have you ever had a moment where something you said sticks with you? It’s not a statement you regret, but something deeper. Something simple that you said in the moment with little to… Continue reading

Dam to Life

Have you ever had a moment in your life where everything felt right? Slowly your hard work started to come together and pay off in ways you couldn’t imagine. That’s how the beginning… Continue reading

Breaking Through

It’s been a week since I decided that I needed to move on from a difficult situation. I really, really, really wanted that situation to work and I needed it to work, for… Continue reading