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Tune Tuesday #28 – Happy

“You’ve never been to Vegas?” My friends ask that question each time I tell them, I’m from Arizona and I’ve never been to Vegas. When I was girl, I was curious about the… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #105 – Fall in Love with Taking Care of Yourself

Today makes one week since I have been home. My first few days back felt like I just moved here for the first time. I forgot what that experience felt like and I was surprised to experience it all… Continue reading

Called to Rest

I’m sitting in a Starbucks in the southwest as I write. Life is simpler, easier. Miles away are the busy, crowded streets of Los Angeles. I am home. I have fond memories here… Continue reading

A Series of Leaps

“All roads lead to this…” I have told myself repeatedly these past few weeks. It all started with a harmless post on the gifts that come from breakups. What I initially wanted to… Continue reading

The Soulmate – 1 Year Anniversary – Reflection

One year ago today, I was in Arizona for my month of writing and went out for a girls night. A week prior, I had just forgiven myself for my actions or lack… Continue reading

My Aching Heart

Apparently this year is the year where I write blog posts that scare me. Of the handful of blog post that I have hesitated to both write and post this year, this one… Continue reading

My Month of Writing – 1 Year Anniversary – Reflection

Some moments are a whisper, that have the biggest impact on our lives.

White Blank Page

I’ve been feeling antsy lately like there is something more I could be doing, but I don’t know what that is? I haven’t figured out what prompted this feeling and where it is… Continue reading

Let the Dust Settle

I wrote this piece to be posted last Friday, but my vulnerability radar went through the roof.  I decided to wait a week, to think about this piece before I post it and… Continue reading

The Road Less Traveled

As my month of writing approached last year, I said to the universe that I wanted to let go of anything and everything that wasn’t working for me.  Letting go to that extreme,… Continue reading

Improv and The Art of Presence

I’ve studied improv for almost two years and I absolutely love it.  Improv allows you to be a kid again and invites your imagination to run wild.  It takes you to new places,… Continue reading

Down the Rabbit Hole – Lessons from My Month of Writing – Part III

My month of writing was my intention to go home and write the last piece of my solo show.  My second intention, to let go of what wasn’t working for me, was the… Continue reading

A New Perspective – Lessons from My Month of Writing – Part II

My month of writing was my intention to go home for one month to write the last piece of my solo show.  While home, I quickly learned that my purpose for being there… Continue reading

The Master Shift – Lessons from My Month of Writing – Part I

My month of writing was my intention to go home for one month to write the final piece of my solo show, (which is about the three hardest moments of my life).  The… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #33 – Do Something You’ve Never Done

The time has come for me to write about my month of writing reflection.  The profound realizations and changes that occurred during the month of May and June have become a part of… Continue reading