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Redefine You

We are often defined by what we do, not who we are.

30 Days of Prayer : Violence

Happy Friday! Today’s prayer and meditation really moved me. As I start to step out into a leadership role to build community, I am starting to think about the people that I have… Continue reading

30 Days of Prayer : Everything You Need

Today’s prayer emerged from the human struggle and yearnings we hold in our hearts.

Tune Tuesday #28 – Happy

“You’ve never been to Vegas?” My friends ask that question each time I tell them, I’m from Arizona and I’ve never been to Vegas. When I was girl, I was curious about the… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #105 – Fall in Love with Taking Care of Yourself

Today makes one week since I have been home. My first few days back felt like I just moved here for the first time. I forgot what that experience felt like and I was surprised to experience it all… Continue reading

Facing Your Fears Can Be Isolating

I will be headed out of town for work in a few days. I have a lot to do to prepare for my trips, yet I sit and write. I am writing because… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #80 – Reflection

Happy Monday! Tomorrow is the start of a new month which is also my birth month and I have begun the process of reflecting on my personal year. This year has been a… Continue reading

The Soulmate – 1 Year Anniversary – Reflection

One year ago today, I was in Arizona for my month of writing and went out for a girls night. A week prior, I had just forgiven myself for my actions or lack… Continue reading

Choose Your Own Adventure

How often do you think about your childhood? I rarely think about mine. In fact, I usually have to be prompted by someone to think about it, otherwise I spend my time thinking… Continue reading

My Month of Writing – 1 Year Anniversary – Reflection

Some moments are a whisper, that have the biggest impact on our lives.

Wisdom Wednesday #34 – Note to My 13 Year- Old Self

It’s Wednesday!  This week I am preparing my speech to give to at-risk youth this weekend through a program called Awaken Arts.  Along with sharing my story of my past, I am interweaving… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #63 – Reflecting on the Past

Good morning.  Happy Monday!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  A lot has happened since I last posted, even though it’s only been three days. The weekend was filled with friends new… Continue reading

The Point of No Return – Leap of Faith – 1 Year Anniversary – Reflection

Article Featured on “Driven Capital #Abundance Recap” The time has arrived, she thinks to herself. She begins to type the first of several keystrokes and sighs one big sigh. The sigh is not… Continue reading

Get Real – My Leap of Faith – Reflection

Take a moment to think about where you are at this moment. Really take the time to reflect on every aspect of your life: job, career, love life, health, and social life. Where… Continue reading

2014: The Year Of…

Just when I thought I was done with my 2014 year-end reflection, another reflection popped in my head and it’s bugging me to give it air. You know you are doing something right… Continue reading