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‘No Longer the Quiet, Shy Girl Who was in Pain’

I never planned to be here. I never thought I would write this blog, write this consistently and live the life I am living. Today is my three-year anniversary of starting The Illuminated Voice. This blog started out… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #137 – The Source of Our Greatest Strength

  This past Friday I wrote a post titled “She told me to stay single.” The post is a real life account of a woman I met this year that kindly told me… Continue reading

I’m Thankful For: Self Acceptance

The weekend felt ordinary. Late Monday night I realized more happened below the surface than I could see. I was home more then I was out. The 3 intentional activities that I did,… Continue reading

Wisdom Wednesday #64 – Radical Openess

My awareness has expanded in a way that has changed me. I feel like I see more and I feel more and I notice that I need more time at home to rest… Continue reading

Sometimes You Need to Scream

Today calls for some much needed screams. Yet, I am silent. While I want and need to, I won’t actually let go and lean into the flow to scream. In improv, I was… Continue reading

Wisdom Wednesday #59 – Be Comfortable with Imperfection

In honor of Women’s History Month today’s wisdom comes from a Ted Talk by Reshma Saujani titled “Teach Bravery, Not Perfection”. In her experience with teaching girls to code she has discovered an… Continue reading

My Grown Up Christmas Wish

Why am I writing? Should I continue to blog? Does my writing matter? I have been blogging a little over two years and this fall I started to question my blogging. I started blogging… Continue reading

Tune Tuesday #24 -Starlight

“I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore?” That line is from the Muse song Starlight. I first heard that song when I was an intern at a local radio station in Arizona… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #86 – Don’t Round Out Your Edge

Happy Monday! My show wraps in two weeks. I’m looking forward to having down time to re-calibrate myself to normal hours of work and rest. When a show ends it is a tradition… Continue reading

Break the Silence

“…part of being equal is speaking equally.”

The Happy Ending or Happy Beginning?

Have you ever had a moment where something you said sticks with you? It’s not a statement you regret, but something deeper. Something simple that you said in the moment with little to… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #74 – Life on Repeat

Happy Monday! Recently I have been watching movies based on real people and real events. Each movie is about the main character’s personal journeys to recalibrate their lives, heal themselves or search for… Continue reading

Beauty within the Struggle

I am smiling the largest smile as I write this post. Even though my struggle saga continues and life isn’t letting up, I still have so much to be thankful for and so… Continue reading

Wisdom Wednesday #37 – Authenticity

“Let the real you shine always. When you let your authentic self shine, you become a beacon that attracts the right people and right situations into your life.” I told the girls through… Continue reading

The Point of No Return – Leap of Faith – 1 Year Anniversary – Reflection

Article Featured on “Driven Capital #Abundance Recap” The time has arrived, she thinks to herself. She begins to type the first of several keystrokes and sighs one big sigh. The sigh is not… Continue reading