Mindful Monday #17 – Questions

Happy Monday!  Mindful-MondayMy life is changing rapidly as a result of my decision to take a Leap of Faith.  My Month of Writing has become something else entirely.  I allowed the month to be whatever it needed to be for me by letting go of my expectations for the month.  I have used this month to reflect and talk with peers and mentors and hoped to flush out my ideas as I plan my next BIG career goal.  As a result, resistance and fear are coming up.  I am thankful that I have the awareness that they are present so that I can keep them in check.  And as a result, I feel I need a change in perspective in how I think during this process.  I am choosing to live outside my comfort zone which I feel requires me to think outside my comfort zone too.  In the process of flushing out my ideas, rather than getting answers, more questions are coming up and I am starting to wonder if it is my fear and resistance that is making this gray area grayer.  In trying to seek answers I chose two quotes that I feel will help me during the week.

“Live your questions now, and perhaps even without knowing it, you will live along some distant day into your answers.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

“The boldness of asking deep questions may require unforeseen flexibility if we are to accept the answers.” – Brian Greene

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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