The Next Time You Fail, Try This.

I tried. I failed. I was devastated. When I left my career in 2018, I followed what I felt was my calling. The road has not been easy. It has been filled with a lot of twists and turns. After almost two years of schooling, I flushed out my idea and felt grounded in research….

I am Thankful for: Recent Memories

“What was the last meal you had at a restaurant?” My sister asked sometime last week during dinner. It took me a awhile to answer her question because I could not rember. Everything changed so quickly, yet the days feel so long and drawn out. The days blend together making each day feel like Sunday….

Mindful Monday #175 – Play Ball

I know I made the right choice. I know I am on the right path. This part of my life is over. Last week, I felt this finality for the first time and I have felt it every day since. I knew I was leaving, since October, and it gave me time to say my goodbyes….

Wisdom Wednesday #83 – Give Hope to Others

Happy Wednesday! If you follow me on Instagram or read last week’s Tune Tuesday #44, you are most likely aware that I felt called to re-read the “Mastery of Love” by Don Miguel Ruiz. Last years meditations on love and marriage on top of wisdom provided to me this year by my spiritual mentors called for…

Mindful Monday #154 – The Less Attached You Are

Happy Monday! It’s great to be back with a Monday post. The past two weeks of work have been hectic, which spilled into my weekend with much needed rest. What emerged during that time were freeing realizations. I reached a new level of letting go, that I never thought was possible, because I didn’t know this division could exist….

Wisdom #77 – Skills for Healthy Romantic Relationships

“We may know what a healthy relationship may look like, but most people have no idea how to get one. And no one teaches us how to do so.” Joanne Davila states in today’s Wisdom Wednesday video titled “Skills for Healthy Romantic Relationships”. We teach people how to have a good relationship often when it…

Wisdom Wednesday #76 – Keep the Spark Alive

  How we relate to our friends is, in someways, the groundwork for how we relate to our romantic partners.  How we treat ourselves speaks to how we allow others to treat us. I’m currently in a spiritual discussion/ meditation/ deeper analysis on marriage. Both love and relationship are part of the foundation an ideal marriage. There is…

Mindful Monday #147 – The Love You Long For

Happy Monday! It’s Valentine’s Day eve. Socially Valentines Day has focused more on romantic love versus’ other forms of love that are sometimes present in our daily lives. Romantic love is fantastic, but it is not the end all be all. Some people across the world, who in relationships, do not always or have ever felt…

Mindful Monday #146 – Honesty

I don’t feel like I am in spaces where I can speak freely both at work and in aspects of my personal life. I’ve been treading lightly a lot lately. I’ve been walking a tight rope between my heart, voice and authenticity and the people in my day to day who are outside my friendship…

A Place I Never Imagined

Home get’s better and better with each visit. I visited my childhood home for the holidays as I do each year. When I first moved to Los Angeles, each time I visited home, I wanted to spend more time with friends over my family. I was young and still very connected to my home town community. Overtime…