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Mindful Monday #172 – Your Untapped Strength

Happy Monday! I stepped into my 2nd yoga class of 2018. Class provided space for a humbling and empowering realization that I did not see it coming. During the last few hours, on… Continue reading

Power Thought #1 – Honor Your Strength and Power

I meditated this morning, for the first time in months. I had forgotten how powerful intentional moments of silence is when it’s practiced. In a few weeks my friend and I will teach a yoga… Continue reading

Wisdom Wednesday #70 – Why Do We Do What We Do?

Happy Wednesday! This summer I started reading a book called Eastern Body, Western Mind. The book details psychological human development with the chakra system. It is one of my all time favorite books. I had… Continue reading

Women & the Solar Plexus

In order to do it all (only if you want to do it all) you must take care of yourself first, honor your power, renew your energy and take all the rest you need.

Mindful Monday #124 – I Love Unconditionally

I’m still reading Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith. It’s starting to give me gray hairs because of it’s depth and honesty. The chapter I recently read is on the fourth chakra aka Heart… Continue reading

Tune Tuesday #36 – Make It Happen

The change you want for your life depends on the degree that you believe in yourself and your ability.

Mindful Monday #123 – I Love and Accept Myself

I have been trying to diligently write a book for the past few weeks. While I am writing, I am in a place of surrender. New insights have emerged along with memories I had long… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #122 – I Am Unique and Joyful

It’s Monday. July kicks off my 2nd month of being in the “middle of nowhere”. My intention for this time is to write my first book and set the foundation for new or improved habits… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #121 – I Am Grounded

In what ways can you deepen your grounding?

Mindful Monday #75 – Resonate

Happy Monday! I have been studying improv for almost three years. While I have noticed and written about my growth in my daily life as a result of improv, I have failed to… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #31 – Voice

Today is my one year anniversary of finding my voice! People often ask what does finding my voice mean?  I started to study improv last year to nurture my creativity and I noticed… Continue reading

7 Universal Year

“A lot of my friends are having a really hard time right now,” a friends told me as we caught up last weekend. During my month of writing I noticed that my friends are… Continue reading

How to Let Go

We are in a world hurt.  My eyes have always been wide open.  I paid attention to everything as a little girl. One thing I noticed is how many people were unhappy or… Continue reading

The Unimaginable

I have been silent for a good part of my life. I was made fun as a girl and I never defended myself. I learned to be stoic to hide what I was… Continue reading