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I’m Thankful for: Seeing Beyond My Limitations

This morning, I woke up just like every other day. However, today is not like every other day because yesterday I wrapped the last movie of my career. I wanted to go out… Continue reading

I’m Thankful for: Courage

Somewhere within in me is a fear to speak at this time. A lot of wounds have been open this year at a very large public scale in both our country and the… Continue reading

Gratitude in an Uncertain Time

I’m trying my hardest to stay zen day in and day out. I’m not doing well with this intention. I notice my breath restricts when I hear the news or when I read… Continue reading

Blind Trust

I’m filled with emotion. I just saw a screening of a movie that I worked on last fall, called “La La Land”. It was amazing and is perhaps the best movie I have… Continue reading

‘No Longer the Quiet, Shy Girl Who was in Pain’

I never planned to be here. I never thought I would write this blog, write this consistently and live the life I am living. Today is my three-year anniversary of starting The Illuminated Voice. This blog started out… Continue reading

I’m Thankful For: Beautiful Strangers

As I ventured on my own, I was never alone.

I Am Thankful For: The Friend & Mentor Within

What you seek might already be within you.

I’m Thankful for: Blowing Out the Walls of Fear

It’s almost a month since I have been back from my two month summer hiatus. I approached those months with intention. I wanted to write my first book, deepen my spirituality and focus on… Continue reading

I’m Thankful for: Infinity

Life is working for you and it wants to be your teammate.

I’m Thankful for: Intuition

It’s Friday. I post gratitude posts on Thursday, but these past few weeks I have wanted to break form. I must honor it and follow my intuition. It wasn’t until I studied improv… Continue reading

I’m Thankful For: Believing Mirrors

I was closed off for a good part of my life when I was younger. I was blind to this fact too. People have always been open with me since I remember and I thought I was… Continue reading

I Am Thankful for: The Idle Moments

The universe meets me in the idle moments, each time I take an extended break. That’s when I gain the most clarity. I told The Answered Prayer. “The universe meets you in all your idle… Continue reading

I’m Thankful For: Freedom

This year, I had a few realizations that I have not written about yet. I have only verbally shared some of those realizations with a handful of friends. Some realizations require backstory in… Continue reading

I’m Thankful For: Self Acceptance

The weekend felt ordinary. Late Monday night I realized more happened below the surface than I could see. I was home more then I was out. The 3 intentional activities that I did,… Continue reading

I’m Thankful For: Life’s Timing

15 minutes can be all the difference between meeting someone new, reconnecting with someone from your past or avoiding danger.