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Soulful Cries

I’ve been very emotional these past two weeks. This past week alone I’ve cried almost every day. If I cried in public, it might alarm people because of the depth of my tears.… Continue reading

When Did We Grow Numb?

I’ve been carrying sadness in my heart. When I focus on what lead to this sadness I get angry, and by the end of the retelling of the story or when I recall… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #153 – Life is More about Letting Go

Letting go creates space for new people, opportunities and energy to come into your life.

A Leader will Emerge

We are at the start of something new. Change can be difficult. Many long for days past. Those who live in the past or deeply try to hold on to what was are… Continue reading

The Year of Adventure

Happy New Year! It’s 2017!!! I hope your 2016 ended well with peaceful resolve on the hard moments and experiences of your year.  I hope you had profound realizations on ways that you… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #139 – Baby Steps

It’s Monday! I have a week left of wrap on my current movie. Then I am unemployed the rest of the year until the next movie comes my way. I plan to use… Continue reading

Blind Trust

I’m filled with emotion. I just saw a screening of a movie that I worked on last fall, called “La La Land”. It was amazing and is perhaps the best movie I have… Continue reading

Tune #39 – Hope Will Lead Us On

“[This song] made me think of you and your journey,” brother Teddy texted me one afternoon in February.  He sent a link to the song, “Hope Will Lead Us On,” by the Barlow Girl.… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #134 – Moving Forward

My bags are packed and I am moving forward. I have been packing light these days. I never realized the weight of the bags, or the that I was carrying bags prior to… Continue reading

Wisdom #71 – Life’s Natural Rhythm

My birthday was this past Wednesday. I had no expectations for the day. I made no special birthday plans this year and my day was filled with many surprises and reconnections from friends I have not… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #131 – Radical Acceptance

The way I talk about life anymore sounds like a Hallmark card. I have expressed so much gratitude about life and it’s beauty, to my friends, family and the universe. While I speak, I… Continue reading

I’m Thankful for: Infinity

Life is working for you and it wants to be your teammate.

Tune Tuesday #30 – Heart of Gold

My heart is hurting. I do not want to write about today’s topic. Deep sigh. This is where my heart is … hurting. I have to follow it, honor it and let it… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #95 – Forget What is Gone

My life has been a roller coaster. This year has been inconsistent and I haven’t had time  to fully digest my experiences. In my voice class yesterday, my practice started with a free… Continue reading

Break the Silence

“…part of being equal is speaking equally.”