Home for the Holidays


“We don’t remember days, we remember moments.” -Cesare Pavese

Coming home for the holidays had a deep meaning for me since I moved to Los Angeles. My first visit home was for Thanksgiving in 2010.  It had been two months since I moved, yet the move itself made home feel foreign.  My life completely changed.  I was living in LA, which was one of my oldest dreams.  I was working on my first shows and making a good living in a career.  I was living away from family, friends and all that was familiar. I had grown and changed, but everything at home was the same.

It took a few visits home for me to get acclimated between homes.  What I realized in my time away is how family oriented I am.  I knew I was family oriented, but I felt it much since I’ve been away.  I visited home more than any one in my family or even I thought I would.  I believe I visited home seven times in the first year that I moved.  Since the move, I continue to visit home as often as I can, though it has been a challenge at times because of work.

I decided to take time off of work (see 7 Lessons of living differently) and visit home as often as I could.  I made sure that I was present for the events in the lives of people I care about.  Deciding to slow down this year allowed me to: go on vacation with my family, celebrate my birthday with my AZ friends, attend my best friend’s (aka Soul Sister’s) baby gender reveal party, attend a friend’s wedding, celebrate my Mom’s birthday, celebrate my Dad’s birthday and attend my sisters award ceremony.  Slowing down this year has had a profound impact on my life.  In the process of practicing yoga, meditating, my voice class and improv I learned to be mindful of the present moment.  I am not a pro at living in the moment but in the moments that I am present I am the most grateful. Since I have slowed down, each of my visits home, are filled with rich memories. Have a wonderful holiday with both your family and friends and enjoy the moments that this season offers you.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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