The Next Time You Fail, Try This.

I tried. I failed. I was devastated. When I left my career in 2018, I followed what I felt was my calling. The road has not been easy. It has been filled with a lot of twists and turns. After almost two years of schooling, I flushed out my idea and felt grounded in research….

How to have Hard Conversations

In the U.S. we are two days away from the 2020 elections. The past few months and weeks have been filled with stress, worry and anxiety. This election is a big one not only for the people in the US, but for people abroad. There is palpable fear and division that is present not only…

Tune Tuesday # 58 – We Can Work It Out

It’s Tuesday and boy do we need music now more than ever. Instead of drowning out the noise, we need to cut through it because the noise can over take us or even overwhelm up. Even though I have a mindfulness and meditation practice, I find myself challenged to remain calm and at peace at…

Rise from the Mud

The only way is both through the struggle and up. May we choose this course.​

I am Thankful for: The Gift of Space

COVID 19 has meant different things to me at different parts of the year. It March, it meant Anxiety and Fear because the U.S. was given little to no information about the virus and how to navigate it. In April, it meant adjusting to a full house, since my sister and niece moved back in,…

Why I Wear A Mask

At the start of the year the terms “COVID-19” and “Coronavirus”, were new words used to label a new virus. This once obscure term that labeled an obscure virus would become a household name that would completely shape and define the new year. Doctors provided the public with new information about the virus from it’s…

Dare to Be Real

Social distancing is asking us to be real in ways that is proving to be a challenge.