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Desired Horizons

“I’m not happy with work.” “I’ve been thinking about moving.” These quotes are a tiny sample of what people have shared with me after I told them I am leaving. I wonder, if… Continue reading

I Am Ready

I never thought I would say what in recent years was all I wanted to say.

All Signs Point to Yes

I’ve been crying a lot lately. There are many moments where I stop to catch my breath. I have moments of disbelief at the obstacles I have faced and have overcome. I can… Continue reading

Soulful Cries

I’ve been very emotional these past two weeks. This past week alone I’ve cried almost every day. If I cried in public, it might alarm people because of the depth of my tears.… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #159 – Reboot

My cell phone camera stopped working this weekend. I didn’t know it stopped working, until I was at an event, that I looked forward to and wanted to document. The next morning, I… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #153 – Life is More about Letting Go

Letting go creates space for new people, opportunities and energy to come into your life.

The Year of Adventure

Happy New Year! It’s 2017!!! I hope your 2016 ended well with peaceful resolve on the hard moments and experiences of your year.  I hope you had profound realizations on ways that you… Continue reading

Blind Trust

I’m filled with emotion. I just saw a screening of a movie that I worked on last fall, called “La La Land”. It was amazing and is perhaps the best movie I have… Continue reading

Tune #39 – Hope Will Lead Us On

“[This song] made me think of you and your journey,” brother Teddy texted me one afternoon in February.  He sent a link to the song, “Hope Will Lead Us On,” by the Barlow Girl.… Continue reading

Life in Full Bloom

This week was the best week of my life. Prior to finding my voice in the Fall of 2013, I set the goal at the start of that year to balance my life.… Continue reading

Life at Light Speed

Happy New Year! It’s so good to be back here writing. We have only been in the the new year for ten days. I am amazed with how different this year has already unfolded compared… Continue reading

All Is Not Lost

Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope the year was good to you and everything that you needed it to be. If the year was a challenge, I hope you learned and grew or… Continue reading

Facing Your Fears Can Be Isolating

I will be headed out of town for work in a few days. I have a lot to do to prepare for my trips, yet I sit and write. I am writing because… Continue reading

Waking Up from the Dream

I cried last night. I am feeling better, but I can’t seem to get enough rest. I’m still really physically tired AND also mentally exhausted. I have never been sick like this in… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #87 – One More Round

This weekend was a little over whelming. I am enjoying the current state of my life and the fruits of all my labor. I was able to catch up with a lot of… Continue reading