Desired Horizons

“I’m not happy with work.”

“I’ve been thinking about moving.”

These quotes are a tiny sample of what people have shared with me after I told them I am leaving.

I wonder, if everyone in my life is in the same place as me? Or is my truth creating space for others to share their truth?

I feel, all eyes are on me in awe of the most courageous step I have ever taken in my life. This step feels more courageous than when I moved out to LA to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Some people do not understand why I am leaving. But, everyone is supportive of where I am headed. I feel many people will start to pay close attention, as though they are watching a thriller, to see how I manage this next phase.

There is no guidelines. There are no rules. There is pure passion in my heart.

I do not know or have not yet met anyone that is at this step, that can understand this journey. There are a few friends that I know and have spoken to, who have moved, but stayed in the same industry or moved to an adjacent industry. My path differs because I plan to start my own business in a young industry. This journey mirrors the Leap of Faith, I took three years ago, which now feels like a trial run for this journey.

These past few days, I subtly felt fear. I stopped and remind myself that I am doing what is right for me.


I am three days away from moving, I am researching various paths that will lead to my destination. With each day and each meditation, my vision gets clearer and takes shape. It’s exciting! Aspects of my life experiences, in work and in my private life, inform where I am headed in ways that are poetic.

I told my spiritual mentor that I am witnessing my old story of self doubt flash across my mind. “You earned this,” she affirms to me. “I have earned this,” I too remind myself. The universe spoke to me in October, I listened and surrendered. My mantra, when I feel fear is “Remember you said you would trust the universe,” “trust the universe”.

I don’t quite know how life will unfold? I hope I continue to be an example for myself and an example of what is possible for others.

Sometimes in life we are leaders and sometimes we are followers. By following my heart it is pushing me toward a phase of leadership and for that I am humbled.

Love – Stephanie

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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