Year of You

I am a few hours away from what I call the year of you. This journey I am about to embark on has officially been nine months in the making, unofficially four years in the making and in reality it has taken the span of my life to date.

Every aspect of myself and life combined in such a way that lead me to this moment.

For 6 months I have been mentally preparing for this move and life change. For 6 weeks, I have been busy physically preparing for it. I have not had time to sit with it fully. I have simply just been reflecting on my over seven years in Los Angeles. Now that I have a moment to breathe, with only an hour before I pursue one of my greatest life shifts, I whisper to myself and the universe, I am ready.

I have a beautiful combination of fear and excitement. The fear feels like butterflies and the excitement feels like my heart will burst and I will cry. I keep picturing my ancestors, mentors and teachers, looking at me in excitement to see how I will soar.

I know challenges will come, but I feel it is all preparation for the vision that gets clearer and clearer each day.


Love, Stephanie XO

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