Blind Trust

I’m filled with emotion. I just saw a screening of a movie that I worked on last fall, called “La La Land”. It was amazing and is perhaps the best movie I have worked on in my career.

The cinematography and art direction is beautiful, the story a universal story – that everyone can relate to and it’s well told.

It was on this specific movie, when I was uncertain where I wanted my career to go. It’s poetic in ways that you’d to see the movie to understand. Am I still on the right path? Do I still want this? Will I ever get to be where I want to be, as a writer?

It was on this movie, where one of my bosses told me “I don’t want to see you in an office again. You have too much creativity inside you.”

Now I am here, but so much in my life has changed. I am closer to my bigger picture in ways I never could have seen from where I stood a year ago.

I’ve been very busy these past few months and I haven’t been able write to you. What I haven’t told you is that I got a promotion in October. I resisted this promotion, since I got here. This entire year the promotion has followed me around everywhere and it came in three’s, in January, June and finally October.

Three is my magic number. It is my life path number. It’s is the trinity, a number for art called the rule of thirds and a number for story telling with three acts and comedy (jokes happen in three’s).

When something, a phrase, a person, or opportunity, comes in my life, in three’s I pay attention and I trust it.

It’s a blind trust, that some could call faith and it has made my life beautiful.

I am so happy. I don’t have to yell it from the roof top or blast images or status updates of my happiness on social media because it is real and it is my norm.

Happiness expands when you allow your life to expand into what it needs to be for you.

There is magic in the world, that some would call intuition, the higher self, the universe, spirit or God. Whatever you call it, listen to it and trust it. Trust it.

The art of mindful living has taught me to let go and surrender. The less I resist life, the more fruitful my life becomes. My life is a skeleton of what it once was; yet I am happier than I ever was or ever thought I could be. I keep re-writing the book of my understanding of life, because life keeps teaching me its wisdom and I listen to it.

I’m thankful to be on this path and to live this life. I am thankful for the moments when you can stand in the present and enjoy the moment that your younger self created for you, by doing the needed work to get your future self where it needed to be. I’m thankful for the moments that I didn’t understand, because I understand them now. 


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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