Mindful Monday #121 – I Am Grounded

“Make sure you ground yourself.”

I have heard this advice a lot lately. The more I study meditation and the further I deepen my spirituality, the more grounding is discussed and needed. The consistent theme of grounding has become an area of focus for me.

I started reading a book called Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith. This book examines the energy centers aka chakra system and applies them to our understanding of psychology, physiology and child development.

The book is fascinating and sheds a bright spotlight on my areas of future growth. I am also gaining a deeper sense of compassion and understanding for the people in my life that come up as I read.

I finished the chapter for the 1st Chakra known as the Root Chakra. It is located at the base of the spine, and is the foundation of all the chakras to “stand on”. If it is not balanced, it will effects all the chakras above it.

For those of us who are in our heads a lot, which many of us are, it is even more important to ground our self, remember we have a body and connect with the earth.

I wonder if our disconnection to the earth is the reason why the earth is so bruised and battered? If we applied that disconnection to our bodies, in what ways have we bruised and battered ourselves?

Today’s Mindful Monday is on the topic of grounding.


In what ways can you deepen your grounding?

Love, Stephanie – XO

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