Wisdom Wednesday #12 – A Message For All Of Humanity

As a little girl I believed whole heatedly that world peace was possible.  Now as an adult I still hold on that belief as a possibility and a necessity.

Too often we hold on to grudges.  Too often we focus on differences.

In my human experience I have learned in academia that we are more similar then we are different.  As an artist, writer and storyteller I have learned that the thing that connects us are our experiences, our stories and our emotions.  If only we could see the world through those eyes.  We would see the world is hurting.  And we might just see the good that people do on a day-to-day basis.  If we made an effort to do good on a day-to-day basis the world would change and is changing.  We get to decide if we want that change to be for better or worse.

This video titled “A Message For All Of Humanity” edited by Tragedyand Hope, which includes a monologue by Charlie Chaplin from the feature film “The Great Dictator.”  I originally saw this year on  louisvdv.com and I feel it speaks to the peace that I believe is possible.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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