Wisdom Wednesday #15 – Unwritten

Growing up I loved motivational songs.  I love music in general, but my favorite songs are the songs that offer great wisdom or great life mantras.

Natasha Bedingfield’s song, Unwritten, served as a perfect soundtrack for me when I decided to embrace my dream to be a filmmaker.  As I get older, I go back to that song because of its message that we are the authors of our life and the painters of our canvas.  While the song talks about “our hero” starting on a journey, the journey isn’t specific to high school or college graduates.  The “hero” is everyone because we are each on a journey, and each change in our life is the start of a new journey big or small.

For some reason or another people see life as a path that we choose and once a choice is made, we are locked into that choice.

At times we get a pull within our hearts to change careers, take a vacation/ hiatus or move to a new city.  Rather then think deeply about what is right for us, we think “what would people think?”  As life changes from moment to moment, we change and react from moment to moment and may no longer need to live life the way we lived before our moment of change and realization.  No matter what your age, if your life does not bring you energy and happiness, you have every right or free will to choose again.  Nothing is set in stone.  Each day, each moment and each thought is a chance for you to choose again.  Each day is an “Unwritten” blank page.

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