Wisdom Wednesday #22 – 3 Simple Things to Observe that Lead to ‘Enlightenment’

There is a story I once heard, (which I could not find to save my life), about a monk who wanted to heal the world, and felt that in order to heal the world he needed to meditate to heal himself.  After he meditated and saw that the world had not changed, he went back to meditate and focus on healing himself some more.  (If you heard this story before – please send me the link – I really want to re-read it.)   This article, “3 Simple Things to Observe that Lead to Enlightenment,” written by Ray Kamille, touches on the interconnectedness that I have thought about a lot.  It also mentions to more pieces of wisdom that have come up for me this year, which I am starting to gain a deeper understanding on.  What are your thoughts on these three observations?


3 simple things to observe that lead to ‘enlightenment’

Written by Ray Kamille (July 20, 2014)

Keeping it simple…

“It can scarcely be denied that the supreme goal of all theory is to make the irreducible basic elements as simple and as few as possible without having to surrender the adequate representation of a single datum of experience.”

– ’Einstein’s razor’

The 3 simple things to observe that lead to ‘enlightenment’.

Observing these three simple things, time has no meaning, money is irrelevant, and the concept of selfish… evaporates like the morning dew.

1. Every creature, every person, every thing, every where, makes the very ‘best’ action, makes the very best choice… considering all the information they perceive.

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2. Every creature, every person, every thing, every where, is intimately connected to one another, as if it is, one grand organism.

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3. The very ‘best’ action, the very ‘best’ choice, is the one that considers every creature, every person, every thing, every where to the benefit of one another, as if it is in fact, one grand organism.


In truth, we are all one. We are all apart of each other. The observance and awareness of that connection between each other is what is known as Enlightenment, and the practicing of seeing that connection and acting upon it with virtue and honor strengthens bonds and builds powerful relationships, with ourselves, each other, and the higher connections that are far beyond our knowing in these physical vessels.

We are One,

With all of my love,

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