Tune Tuesday #25 – Everyone Wants to Be Loved

For the Month of February I set the intention to meditate on LOVE.

I want to sit in the essence of love so it can teach me beyond what I have experienced and been socialized to believe.

I want to learn what I don’t know that I don’t know.

Typically when we think of love, we think of romantic love but there are many different kinds of love that are expressed in different ways. In just one day of this intention, I have encountered interesting quotes/ perspectives.

Since I am meditating on Love I feel it’s best to focus this months Tune Tuesdays on the subject.

We encounter so many people in a day, a week and a year. Sometimes we like to separate ourselves from others in ways that make us feel special. Or if we like someone either romantic or platonic we try to find all the things we have in common with them. Many times there are people that we encounter that are a blur to us and others whom agitate us by their habits or behaviors. We often over look or forget, when we meet anyone, that “everyone wants to be loved”.

Always lead with Love because it’s what everyone wants and it’s what everyone needs.