Gratitude in an Uncertain Time

I’m trying my hardest to stay zen day in and day out. I’m not doing well with this intention.

I notice my breath restricts when I hear the news or when I read articles in my news feeds. So much is at stake and I want to stay informed.

Once upon a time I wanted to be a senator. I was involved with local politics in high school and went to Washington twice to learn about journalism in the media and international relations. I also looked into majoring or a minoring in political science.

Once upon a time I wanted to be a journalist too. I wanted to be like Woodward and Beirnstein the journalist that uncovered Watergate. 

My path only narrowed into Communication (for my undergrad and then film after my undergrad), when I felt I needed to focus on one thing versus all theee areas of interest that are, in my opinion, related.

I read the news, each day, before and after work and get upset. My knowledge and love for history is the lens on how I see what is going on. My red flag meter has been off the charts lately. I keep thinking about the lessons I learned about the importance of information to a community, lack of information or access to information is used as a form of oppression. Our country is founded and once prided itself on how we have a free press. Then I think of how it is the journalist responsibility to inform the public, but a picture is painted that they are the bullies? I think about the lessons I learned about leadership and wonder why some “elected leaders” find it challenging to be honest and moral? If you are a “leader” your are a servant of the people, specifically if you are a beaurocrat or an elected official.

In spite of all this, there is a silver lining and reasons to express gratitude. I’m grateful for everyone who is speaking up, calling congress, community organizing, peaceful marches and government agencies refusing to be silent.

We feared and worried about what would happen, and now our nightmares have become more real. We didn’t anticipate was how we’d come together as a force unlike I’ve seen since I’ve been alive. It’s beautiful and inspiring. 

I’m thankful for the awakened, mindful state of the people, exercising our rights and freedoms that are at risk.

I still believe in love and light and we will get through this together.

Love – Stephanie XO


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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