Wisdom Wednesday #30 – Give Good Away

Everyone feels alone and there is such an inter-connectivity among us that I not only see but feel, the more I move forward down this journey, develop my voice and step into my greatness.

Life can get hard and we can get overwhelmed but that is no reason for us to abandon the mission for why we are here.  We are here to leave this world a little better then we found it and leave each person a little better then when we met them.  Things are changing for the better and things are also changing in ways that scare me.

For today’s Wisdom Wednesday find ways to give good away because all change can start from one person and why shouldn’t it start with you?


Today’s wisdom is from Mosaic LA for a sermon called Wednesday: Give Good Away.  Below is the list and of how we can give good away and a transcription of that portion of the sermon.

Wednesday: Give Good Away – By Hank  Fortener

1.  Give Away Good Away to the World – Support a Cause

What is it in the world that breaks your heart?   […] Become an agent for good in that way.  You can find a cause or non-profit or somebody who is doing something about every problem on this planet.  […] Whatever it is that breaks your heart take it on yourself, don’t project it on others.  Take it on yourself [to give your time and resources] to a cause.  […]  A cause is I am going to solve this problem that is a humanitarian problem.

2. Give Away Good to Your Friends – Words of Affirmation

You know what your friends need from you?  […]  Time.  They need your love and support.  […]  You have your words of affirmation you can mobilize for your friends.  Give it away and give it away generously.  […] We hoard our words of affirmation.  We them to ourselves, thoughts about other people that we never communicate to them.  […]  Stop hoarding the words of affirmation that the people in your life so desperately need.

3.  Give Away Good to Your Family – Gentle Contact

You know what your family needs from you?  Gentle contact.  […]  We don’t talk enough.  But when we talk, all we need is gentle good contact.  […]   Give a way good [to the people that you love].

4.  Give Away Good to Your Enemies – Be Kind

Think of the people you dislike or distrust in your life.  […]  Give kindness to them.  […]  Do it in a way that they never know it’s you.

5.  Give Away Good to Yourself –Give Yourself Grace & Be Kind to Your Body

Find away to give good to you.  What happens is that when we think about being good to ourselves, we think about being indulgent, which is actually sort of destroying ourselves.  […]  Stop being so hard on yourself.  Stop holding yourself hostage for things that you did.  […]  Be good to you.  Be good to who you are.  Forgive yourself for all that.  Give grace to yourself.  And on the flip side just be good to your body.  Don’t destroy your body.  Because you as an agent of good […] we’re going to need you around for a long, long time.  If you are doing something that destroys your body […] [or] hurts your soul […] stop.

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