Wisdom Wednesday #40 – There are NO Mistakes

Happy Wednesday. My intentions to be mindful and present are working. It’s hard to measure my growth in this area because I am not doing the same thing consistently. The combination of intuition, breath work, yoga, meditation and my spiritual beliefs have brought me to be more present and aware of life’s nuances.

A lot of my friends love how I dissect situations, specifically moments of struggle. And it’s for that reason that a lot of people come to me for advice and guidance or use me as soundboard to work through their challenges. My best friend Brother Teddy always tells me that he wished he had the amount of realizations that I write and tell him about on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. I am constantly seeking life and spiritual truths and constantly thinking about what I can learn from all aspects of my life. My ability to dissect and change perspective in moments of struggle has been my coping mechanism to help me through my struggles. This specific skill-set aides me in every aspect of my life and has been nurtured within my career.

Before I knew what mindfulness was, I knew that I didn’t want be hurt again in the ways that I have been hurt in the past. The only way I could think of to help me avoid slipping into a life of patterns, is to learn as much as I could from a situation, see potential conflict and change the way I operated in parallel situations.

My most recent struggle was a parallel situation of the very situation that lead me down the path to balance my life, which lead me to find my voice. Like it’s predecessor, this situation was taking a lot of my time and energy. However, this situation demanded all of my time and energy to where I was not sleeping well and could not rest. Life provided me with a full circle moment to see how far I have come and was a test to see how I would operate in a similar situation. I operated differently, but I was frustrated that I had to move on because of the desert I have been in recently. As I felt the need to scream, this video came through my facebook feed and is a kind reminder of a truth that I had forgotten and needed to remember in that moment.

There are no mistakes. – Oprah

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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