A Place Called Home

This weekend was ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL and by far the best weekend of 2016. I loved every bit of it.

In the past three months, I have only been in Los Angeles for 12 days, which has provided so much perspective on every aspect of my life. Living on location for a month has helped me define home. I miss home. Home is what I seek and desire. While I don’t have my ideal home, home for me, in this moment, is Los Angeles. I didn’t believe I could call LA home, but the life I have built here is home.

My life has been in transition for three years and while it hasn’t always been easy or comfortable, I knew each step was necessary. Living on location showed me the way home.

The distance allowed me to see objectively all that I built with patience and love and my own two hands. I am actively creating my life, but at time I created it passively. The shift between passive to active has changed everything.

It was a blessing to be home for the weekend and enjoy all the simple comforts of it. Like a kid waking up Christmas morning, I was excited to greet my apartment, sleep in my own bed, wake up in my own room and see members of my tribe.

I am thankful for the awareness to experience joy to this capacity. My life and this year are working out beyond my wildest dreams. Last year was a full battle, but it was worth all the new forms of courage and strength that I found within myself.

I am beaming happiness.

Have a great night.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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