Mindful Monday #109 – Energized

This weekend was A-MAZE-ING.

There were some hard moments, which I will talk about tomorrow, but today I want to focus on the lite. Even in the heavy my life feels so lite (and light.)

The weekend was filled with an overload of self-realization.

I am stepping into my personal power, and I am beginning to own it!

Every molecule of my body is singing, energized and vibrating at high frequency. My body feels like it’s wired on sugar or caffeine, but it’s just pure love and positive energy that is flowing through. I feel like dancing, singing and expressing this pure love of mine. All I want to do is write and create right now.

I am glowing.

I want to feel this energy and let this pure love flow through me for the rest of my life. I have a feeling this lite (and light) is here to stay.

Today’s Mindful Monday focus’ on the energy that I can not and will not contain. It is both a quote and a mantra.

Love – Stephanie x0


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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