Mindful Monday #145 – Love Makes You A Better Person

Happy Monday! There are only a few days left before we step into the month of February. Time flies.

For the past two years, I have meditated on Love.

In 2015, I focused on the different types of love that exists: platonic love, romantic love, family love and self love. What resulted in that meditation was an unexpected clarity of the aspects of my life where love dried up and was cold.

In 2016, I asked Love to show me what I do not know about it. What resulted in that meditation was a gift that forever changed me. I found my source of happiness and love inside myself.

The type of love I found, is the type of happiness and love that we often believe we can only find in another person and in a relationship.

Many people don’t know or can truly accept that true sustaining happiness and love can only be found within. Others don’t know how to tap into their own source of happiness and love.

I planned to make my February Love meditation a ritual for the blog, but I don’t feel called to do that at this time. Instead, I will address a topic that came up as a result of the last love meditation I did.

This topic surprised me when I first encountered it, and continued to surprise me every time it showed up in my life last year. I feel like it wants me to meditate on it and have an honest conversation with it. I do not feel worthy or fully ready to do either. It continues to show me truths that are alarming and perplexing.

This topic is a major thred in the fabric of our society. People have strong views and ties to it and it is often politicized. For those reasons, I have avoided speaking about this topic for three months and have only spoken about it to a handful of close friends that I felt the most safe to have an honest conversation about it. For six months, I avoided writing and sharing this subject, for fear of what it will bring up for others. 

While I have many reservations, I am following my heart. I feel guided to address what I have heard and experienced. The topic will be presented on Friday 2.3.17 .

For the gifts that love has showed me and continues to show me, this week focus your attention on only the love that makes you a better person.


Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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