Mindful Monday #147 – The Love You Long For

Happy Monday! It’s Valentine’s Day eve. Socially Valentines Day has focused more on romantic love versus’ other forms of love that are sometimes present in our daily lives.

Romantic love is fantastic, but it is not the end all be all. Some people across the world, who in relationships, do not always or have ever felt or feel love or loved or appreciated by their partner.

Unconditional love is always around us from the Universe, even when we question it or don’t feel it. You have to expand your awareness to see it and feel it. That love shines a light on another love that we can nurture within our lives. Our friends and partners can help put us on the path or open the door to this important type of love.

Rather than look outside yourself for the love that you long for, go within.

If you are single or attached, love yourself the way you wish to be loved.

Build this thought within your mind and let its beauty resonate inside you and strengthen your heart and soul. As you strengthen and nurture this love, it will create space for you to attract this love in to your life and be in a better place to accept and feely worthy of it.

Today, tomorrow and the rest of your year please consider the following…


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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