Mindful Monday #108 – Habits

Let’s talk about habits.

As a goal-setter I have developed a lot of great habits around setting goals, tracking progress and adjusting a goal based on that progress.

Goals have taught me different things at different times of my life. My most recent lesson with goals is to allow them to lead me where I need to go for future growth.

In November of 2015, I set the goal to focus on my heath. It was my intention to get back into my exercise/ yoga route. While I did focus on my health, it was not in the way I intended. I was very sick the entire month. I expressed gratitude the whole month for the health that I missed and longed to be restored. When the month ended, I had a new found love for health and I decided to begin a new habit in the new year.

This past January, I was on a plane headed to location in Las Vegas for two months. I worked out when I could, but my time there was spent resting and sleeping in because I worked 12pm – 12am shifts, in a high stress environment and it introduced bad habits like sleeping in and watching tv late at night.


In Vegas, I decided to balance my life when I got back to LA beyond just working out. I want to set a strong foundation of good health habits for the rest of my life. I have balanced different aspects of my life before, ( 7 Lessons from Living Differently) but that was when I was between jobs. The tricky part is maintaining good habits when I start a new feature (i.e. movie).

I have been observing my habits since I have been back in LA. I want to see where my strengths are, where I can improve and notice what works for me. I do not judge myself for what I notice. (I am thankful to myself for being kind to myself during this time.)  I am noticing what I do, what I don’t do and how my body feels in each case. I’ve been tracking my habits for the past three weeks and I am starting correlations which is exciting!

Today’s quote is a quote about habits.


Happy Monday!

-Stephanie xo