I’m Thankful For: Self Acceptance

The weekend felt ordinary. Late Monday night I realized more happened below the surface than I could see.

I was home more then I was out. The 3 intentional activities that I did, were filled with open, positive people who are more strangers than acquaintances or friends. As we talked, each person shed light on my life and my growth without their awareness.

One man told me that he wasn’t easily accepted when he shared his spiritual beliefs with his mom. He and a few others stated how they keep their spiritual beliefs to themselves versus showing it’s vibrancy so they can fit in with their friends. Hiding ourselves is part of what we do as humans, but it hurts everyone involved. How authentic are your relationships if you can’t be your full self?

After reflecting on what he said. I thought I am thankful for acceptance in my family and from my friends.

I thought about a time early on my journey of being vulnerable, when I opened up to a friend about a hard experience from my past. I never talked about this experience with many people prior, but through my acceptance of that experience, openness and courage to share, it created the space for her to share and accept one of her own experiences.

That’s what this journey has been about…acceptance. It is not about finding my voice, though finding my voice was key. It wasn’t about speaking my truth or expressing my feelings either. Nor was it about facing fear, surrender or trust. Each lesson lead me here.

This journey has been about accessing and expressing all the parts of myself that I didn’t know where hidden or was hidden out of my own fear or past hurt.

It’s knowing myself in my full vibrancy that I can say I am thankful for self-acceptance. I am at peace with this profound realization.

I feel like I have been given the greatest reward, myself.

For awhile I feel like I’ve been approaching the end of a chapter of my life. When you rise up to your full potential, the universe really does respond. In this case, the universe is pulling aside any distractions that can keep me from my next goal. A week from Friday, I will unplug from my LA to write my first book. I feel like the end of this time will be the true end of a chapter of my life. The book is a bridge to what is next. I have no idea where my life will be in August, but I have no fear. I am not afraid. I am at peace.

I hope everyone can find peace like this in their own self-acceptance, even if it is the belief in the possibility that this state of being is possible from you too.


Have a great Thursday.

Love – Stephanie XO

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